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X&Y was founded in 1996,is a global leading solution provider in ultra-clean and anti-static industry.We are a high-tech company who engages to cleanroom antistatic products development,production and marketing,cleanroom construction engineering,and ultra-clean laundering,we are dedicated to provide competitive cleanroom antistatic products,services and solution to industry of electronic,optical,automotive,medical,aerospace,etc.Enhancing customer experience,maximizing value of customer are our utmost goals. 

X&Y keeps going on with creating value for our customer.We are the pioneer who certificated by ISO 9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environmental management system in China cleanroom antistatic industry,we are China national industry standard drafter of cleanroom wiper,we are owner of 10 patents and many research outcomes.X&Y series products which are created by X&Y International Industry are with high stability and reliability,it got trusted and praised by customers all around the world,these products have become symbols of quality and confidence of cleanroom antistatic field,our products are widely used in the fields of IT,electronics,bio-engineering,medicine and health,food,precision instruments,aerospace,oil,fine chemicals,automotive, more than 100 countries around the world.Furthermore,main products of our company are insured worldwide product liability insurance coverage of $ 2,000,000.

Under the guiding principle of "Servicing Worldwide Customers,We Can Do Better",we will continue to focus on innovation according to customer demand,and by cooperation with Tsinghai University to research new products,new materials,new technology as well as to train personnel,we got trust and cooperation opportunities from customers all around the world by growing innovate ability,prominent flexible customization approaches and perfect delivery capacity.

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